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The history of our biscuit factory in Zilia

Discover the key dates of our brand, Biscuits de Zilia in Haute-Corse

Dive into the enchanted history of Biscuits de Zilia, a story woven with passion and tradition.

Founded on values of authenticity, our traditional biscuit factory embodies the continuation of our culinary heritage.

Each biscuit is the result of a carefully considered recipe, shaped with meticulously selected ingredients and an endless love for taste perfection.

Explore the history of our biscuit factory

In the heart of Balagne, a true paradise of Corsica, stands Biscuits de Zilia, a family business that has endured since 1997 thanks to the Cuggiulella.

The adventure began in 1995 when Jean-Noël discovered a book of ancestral recipes among his grandfather's belongings. After a few months of trials, the Cuggiole were born in the heights of Zilia.

Over the years, the biscuit factory evolved and diversified. In 1997, established at the foot of Monte Grosso, a symbol of Balagne, it became renowned for its sourdough breads, as well as its pastry and Viennese creations.

Initially, the activity was solely bakery, but then in 1998, the Cuggiole was born. It quickly gained popularity.

In 1998, it began to take center stage. This trend became so pronounced that it gradually supplanted bakery activities.

In 1998, the first contract with Corsican mass retailers was signed, marking a turning point in the company's history.

The year 1999 marked an important milestone, with the plain Cuggiole becoming the company's flagship product.

In 2000, due to contemporary issues related to allergies, peanuts, a component of the Cuggiole, were replaced by sunflower.

In 2002, the almond Cuggiole were introduced and became the bakery's second reference.

The following years were marked by strategic investments.

In 2003, 2 new ovens were added to improve production capacity, and in 2007, the biscuit factory invested in a production line.

By 2009, the now indispensable Cuggiole were offered in a family-size format.

In 2010, the company, eager to become more professional, acquired a semi-automatic weighing machine for packaging the Cuggiole in bags.

The range continued to enrich with the introduction of the hazelnut, chestnut, clementine, and lemon Cuggiole.

2017 is the year of the encounter between the Cuggiole de Zilia and Valrhona chocolate, giving birth to our famous Christmas ballotins.

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