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Biscuit factory in Zilia

Welcome to our workshop, the Zilia biscuits in Haute-Corse

Our workshop, open all year round,  Biscuits de Zilia, is the showcase of an authentic traditional Corsican biscuit factory. Located in an enchanting setting near Zilia, our store welcomes you from April to October.

In a warm atmosphere, come discover island specialties through a wide selection of quality biscuits. All our products are made with local produce and seasonal ingredients.

Discover our range of Corsican biscuits

We present to you delicious Corsican biscuits, made with care and according to traditional recipes.

Our range of biscuits is varied, ranging from plain Cuggiulelle to the more flavored ones. You will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of tasting thanks to our subtle blends.

Whether you're looking for a classic sweetness or a bolder flavor, our biscuits will satisfy all palates. Moreover, our dry biscuits keep very well, allowing you to enjoy them long after your purchase.

The secret of Zilia's biscuits 

Our secret lies in the perfect combination of the right wheat flour, a splash of white wine, yeast, high-quality sunflower oil, a dash of brandy, a bit of salt, and sugar.

Each dough is delicately worked and slowly baked to achieve a melting texture in the mouth. We believe in the purity of flavors and are committed to offering you quality products that are healthy and natural.

What makes our biscuits even more special is that they are additive-free, preservative-free, palm oil-free, and without added sugar.

Our guarantees

icone Une spécialiste corse

Corsican speciality

Responsibility and tradition are the watchwords of our identity. The Cuggiulelle is also the legacy of a solid expertise, 100% Corsican.

icone Une sensibilité à la qualité

A commitment to quality

Mindful of meeting your needs, our biscuit factory has implemented strict quality control at all stages of production.

icone Un goût unique

A comforting little break

Our Cuggiulelle are the perfect accompaniment for your gourmet breaks with a cup of coffee, tea, or for making your favorite desserts.

icone Un environnement idyllique

An idyllic environment

It is in our beautiful village of Zilia, at the foot of the iconic Monte Grossu peak, that we have drawn our inspiration for more than 20 years.

For any inquiries about our range of Corsican biscuits, please do not hesitate to contact us.